Monday, March 16, 2009

Unexpected inspiration

Though I have not gone into it, I am always working on various philosophical notions. I mention this only because this morning talking to Rancher Bob, he unintentionally gave me the necessary examples to balance the idea I have been working on. He was reviewing some seeds that he wanted to order for the new garden which this year we are going to share this one year, but had to recheck everything he marked, this treating himself as untrustworthy (at least his past self..) which is something we all do..

At this point I cannot go into the philosophical points, as I am trying to develop these ideas.. but the point of this post is to point out that the realizations which move us forward may well be somewhat random and inspired by things not at all themselves philosophical.

For years I have argued that there is too wide a chasm between academic philosophers and the intelligent layperson. By listening to everyday people, of which I count myself, though I have much training in philosophy..

But I will cut this short for now..

8 new calves this year, two today alone!! I will try to get photos tomorrow...

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