Friday, March 20, 2009

A little logging

Well finally I was able to get back up into Cedar Grove II where I was able to get three timbers ready to haul out, and two more cut but have to be pulled down but are cut free from the stumps, though they still stand because of other trees or vines.

Here is a fine example of how many of the timbers I have harvested begin their new life as part of my home. This particular timber is a cedar on the edge of this grove of dead cedars.

Here you can tell that I have removed the limbs from the lower, thickest portion of the timber. What is a little less obvious is that I have also cut this to length to be a fine post to support the heavy roofing system. The length? Not sure.. I did not have a tape measure on me, so as I do in such instances I found where the timber naturally jumped down to a smaller size, and cut that off so that I could get a timber as long as I could get, plus have a thicker top end to a post so as to be able to support larger beams.
Though spring is here now, not all trees are leafed out, but in this shot that is not the problem. What looks like winter barren trees is actually several cedars which are simply snags, that is they are dead standing trees.

I had to move the cows this morning but this little guy, born yesterday, could not figure out how to get around to the gate. I had to urge him gently, but in the end he panicked and went through some barbed wire. Fortunately it was not tightly strung so he did not hurt himself. Happily back with mama, who you can see on the other side of the fence, he contentedly walked beside her to back near the rest of the herd..

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