Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cedar Grove deja vu

Rancher Bob came back, so my cow caretaking should start lessening.. But to get him caught up on the condition of the fields, and the progress of the harvest of the cedars up on the hill, I set about looking for one of the monsters I had discovered before, but which I had decided I could not get because of its location. Based upon the size of another cedar, I have guessed the age of this particular monster at 150, so I wanted to show him what he had there. After wandering about a while looking for this monster, I stumbled upon another grove of dead cedars, these even older and thus larger than the first grove I cleared! I can get to these by doing a little fence line clearing which Bob wants done anyway.. So today I got out with the saw and cleared 90 percent of my path so that with a little tractor work and perhaps a few more cuts, I will be able to begin dropping the snags, and pulling out both the snags and the timbers which have already fallen.

These could not be more welcome as I am in need now of large cedar posts to carry the large hardwood girders and beams. In some places there will be timbers almost two feet in diameter over 15 feet in the air! To support this without bending and breaking I need stout large and long posts. These cedars, and a few I have already found, will fit the bill quite nicely.

I could not get a good shot of the grove, but here is one of the of the smaller ones I should note..

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