Saturday, March 28, 2009


Give the cold front that came in with the rain last night, and the snow flurries this morning, I opted for remaining inside as much as is possible today. Granted, a cow and calf had different notions as I had to walk a calf to meet up with mama in the new pasture..

So after a couple of hours out in the cold this morning, I returned to the big house to once again make use of my little laundry machine. The first go around was less than impressive, but I did have a few complications which may have resulted in a less than stellar performance.

So I have begun round two. I have done three loads in the little washer, essentially the last two weeks of clothes. So far what I have learned is that adding more water than they recommend helps, and has no impact on the ease of turning the crank. The next lesson is to add close to double that amount of water for a rinse cycle. I am still using far less water than a conventional machine.

Because it is cold and wet, and I do not have a rocket mass heater in the big house, like I will in my own underground home, I am using Rancher Bob's high efficiency dryer for the final obvious step :drying..

I will know more in an hour or so..

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