Sunday, March 15, 2009


Barn is finally finished!

I picked up the metal for Rancher Bob over three weeks ago, and since that time there has not been one day where we could get it installed to finish up the repair on the barn roof.

Until today.. So we put up the last 12+ sheets of metal, and now he decided to shift all of the others at some point so that the overhang is less, but that won't happen for a while as he leaves this week to go to Paris and then on to Italy. While of course I am left here to care for the hungry multitudes..

Since Bob lets me use his equipment, I really will not complain, plus he always offers to pay me but I just call it square for letting me use the equip and for letting me gather in the unwanted dead trees from his land.

It was a long day, after a very long night of being unable to sleep so tonight I am worn out.. My shoulder still is not healed from the strain of grabbing the tree when the limb did its battering ram impression, as I can feel it quite a bit tonight. Still it is slowly getting better so hopefully in a couple of days, assuming the pastures have dried a bit from four days of rain, I will be able to get back out and harvest several more timbers before our slithery friends decide that it is time to play.

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