Thursday, March 19, 2009

New calf.. some progress

Went down to feed the cows, and look into getting them into a new pasture per Rancher Bob's instruction and discovered a new calf had been born, probably within an hour of my discovering them.. Up to 9 new members to the herd..

While unrolling the hay, the rains began.. so the ride back up to the big house was rather damp..

Made progress yesterday on clearing a path along the fence line to and then into the woods to the cedar grove. Was lucky with the placement of trees, so that I was able to create a loop that will make keeping the fence line clear of briars and fallen timbers, as well as making getting the dead cedars out with minimal annoyance..

Harvested one fallen cedar in the process and got it top side to the stacks.

I had planned on getting going on the last of the harvesting today, but the rains changed those plans.. With any luck the skies will be clear tomorrow so I can make progress on getting these last timbers out before the snakes start to move about..

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