Monday, August 30, 2010

Book number... oh heck I've lost count.. plus.. well I still haven't counted

The Market for LibertyThe Market for Liberty by Linda Tannehill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Tannehills provide a good introduction to peaceful coexistence, also known as anarchy, in this book. They go into some detail as to how people choose to interact, and how these voluntary interactions can and should replace the bullying, coercion, and violence of the state.

There are some points which could be updated, and some of the specific details of how society would look are too precise for any prediction of the multitude of solutions that freed persons would develop, but overall this is truly a worthwhile stepping off point for any discussion of the nature of the state and alternatives to coercive methods.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Still is still moving to me..

I am still living in the art gallery and working far harder than anyone should in the terrible heat here in the hot hills.. Well that was true up until today anyway. I just left that house to dog sit for some friends here for the weekend, then back to the ol' gallery at the invitation of the wonderful folks who live there, having returned from their trip.

Work has been very satisfying, outside of the much needed income. The art gallery (actually a home I remodelled some years ago) has provided the opportunity to touch up some minor details I did not have time to address when we did the original remodel, as well a do a few other projects for this delightful couple. The next project was a kitchen remodel, a partial job for a couple just starting out. I was able to create the canvas upon which they will be able to paint their own ideal kitchen. From that to a flagstone patio and path system, along with a garden shed, and next week I hope to begin an interior makeover which will turn a couple of drab and dreary bedrooms into the exciting Asian inspired rooms that the owner desires.

In the meantime I am reading voraciously, though I've been lax in updating the books here unfortunately. Currently I am on Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls, which is guaranteed to be bright and cheerful.. :)

I've probably about another two or three weeks in this locale before I can head back to the homestead, though I'd like to be working on the home, it is good to garner a bit of income before I return.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Strange dichotomy

I have noticed over the years that many who celebrate the wildness of the world, want nothing more than to wall in, essentially cage the rest of humanity as if we were not a part of the world. They wish to control, and ultimately destroy all that is, all of the wonder of science, all of the thrill of being in nature, all in the name of saving it from those who would enjoy and celebrate it..

Might strange world we live in..

Still away from the 'stead

I am still away from BWoH, busily earning a bit of coin to build the homestead, and to enjoy a few luxuries like extra electrical power and water storage.

The stress of running a full time business again is bothersome and a welcomed reminder of why I left here in the first place. Though this too is beautiful hill country, and though I have enjoyed many luxuries simply not available in BWoH, the trafic, constant business calls, and long working days go against the life I am trying to build. A few more weeks and I should be moving on, back to the BWoH.

In the meantime I am making the most of the place I am, while still keeping up on my readings including blogs and news sites. One such blog actually has the author declaring that the moral worth of the individual is unimportant and a failed concept.. Somehow I am guessing that if it were himself or those for whom he cared who was threatened, he'd change his stripes.. :)

Life goes on.. we make the most of it that we can, and if we are decent we do so without harming others.