Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photo update

I've been dropping the ball on photos, so I am going to post several here at once..

This was about 11 am.. I could not get a photo earlier because the fog was as thick as I have ever seen it. Ten feet away was a fuzzy shadow at best when I got up..

The first shot of these two was shot going against the rules a talented photographer friend had given me, the second is more in line with what he suggested though still violating at least one rule about lighting, but you tell me, which is more interesting? I myself really like the shimmering evident of the first..

This was the first calf of the season.. he came prematurely and had to be fed vitamins and minerals for three days.. now he is usually up playing with the others.. For now mama had him laying down on the soft hay bed..

This little guy was on the other side of the tree when I started getting shots of him.. guess I spooked him somewhat, since he made for the comfort of mama..

mm.. the moss on the base of the tree is tasty.. (apparently.. )

Down in what Jerry calls "The Rockyard" where the rocks outnumber everything, I have to admire the tenacity of these lovely little blue flowers..

This one is of what I am told are wild pear or plum which seem to just shine against the rest of the forest. In the foreground is the retired bull who still manages to father a calf every now and again, but for the most part just enjoys the life of luxury thanks to the compassion of Rancher Bob.. No slaughter of this old guy just because he is getting too old to be a reliable stud..

Don't we all want to be that lucky?

This is a close up of one of those wild pear or plums..

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