Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Need for Place

Let me preface this with the admission that I have some pretty great friends, surprisingly wonderful clients, and just a tiny bit of luck I like to think I helped create. That said, though I have spent the last several weeks living in different homes, rotating between all of the above groups.

So as I sit here late at night, in the art gallery as I like to call it, I really want little more than my own place, albeit a tiny one, where I need not worry about the niceties of being a good house guest, or where I can leave out whatever I like..

It is all about a sense of place. While I would never dream of detracting from those whose homes I have shared, we all need a place to be, a place to be without any concerns even those friendly concerns of being a good guest. And sometimes you just need to know that the walls around you, or better yet the plants around you, are your own..

Though it is a different story, and an abrupt change, there are those around us who would deny that peace of mind to us..but I will save that rant for later..

Tonight, a glass of wine, some Hemingway, and some calming Fish..