Saturday, March 14, 2009

Computer Issues and Weather Woes

The long delay in posting came about because of being unable to power up the computer. An internal connection had broken, necessitating another parts purchase. I am coming to know pretty well how to take apart this machine now thanks to power issues..

The last several days have been largely spent in books. I have delved into several I have had on the shelf for a long while, and several more that I have ordered since being here. They range from a book purportedly about composting human manure (very little useful info there, I will likely post a review of that book soon) to mid-century science fiction, to political writings..

The reason these last few days have been spent in books is that after a few wonderfully warm and sunny days, we got another blast of cold, and long with that ice and rain. Certainly nothing conducive to working outside.

I strongly suspect that tomorrow Rancher Bob is going to want help finishing up the barn roof project. Since I cannot get down to the timbers I have cut without rutting up the fields anyway, due to the 3 inches of rain we've received, I might as well help him get that project done.

Bob and his wife are leaving for two weeks, so I will once again take on caring for the cattle, and the herd of dogs they have. Then I too will once again take to the road to work on some remodeling projects in Kansas..

Hopefully I can get a bit of work done on the house before I have to leave..

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