Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sun Day

Well after several days of clouds, cold, even some snow flurries, today was clear skies, warmer weather, and a feeling of life in the land.

The laundry turned out well. This second run of the Wonder Wash did much better this time around. Is it perfect? Nope.. but it will work well for me, especially for mildly dirty clothes. For the normal clothes which get quite dirty for those of us who are living life, creating our own homes and food, well it means a couple of washes most likely.. still given only 2-3 minutes a wash, this really is not a hardship..

The day was spent doing "cleaning" to appease Rancher Bob's wife who along with Bob will return in a couple of days..

Along with the cleaning I have been taking upon other tasks which are easily done, though very rewarding for others. I have repainting the door where dogs have scratched it, touching up poly on cabinets, other paint issues.. Might as well make the lives of others easier..

No more calves today.. just dogs lounging about taking advantage of the good will of anyone around..

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