Saturday, March 21, 2009

Timber and travel..

Got three of the timbers down to the bottom of the hill, out of Cedar Grove II, and dropped the two cedars which were held up only by vines and another cedar snag. After a few hours of logging, I came down to go check on the cows, discovered a new calf and a cow in the pasture from two days ago.. No idea where she hid to have this calf, as I circled that pasture (which is bounded on three sides by woods) twice trying to find what I thought was a missing calf.. still good to discover her and the new calf. Helped him out of a tangle of dead wood on the little island in the creek on which he had stranded himself. He strangely came right up to me without any concern. Got him directed to mama and they wandered off to eventually be guided to join three other sets of cow and calf who were reluctant to move on into the new pasture today.

Spent the morning in town and swung over east to pick up my boots from the really cool repair guy, but sadly he was closed, so no boots.. Still picked up some groceries, realizing that I have not gone in for grub in weeks.. that should help with the ol' budget..

Read a bit more in one of the latest round of books.. this one is Dependent upon DC.. Should be interesting..

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