Thursday, February 23, 2006

More of the prairie Posted by Picasa
Cool Prickly pear Posted by Picasa
Prairie Posted by Picasa
More of Bull Creek Posted by Picasa
Bull Creek Posted by Picasa
Back in the bottomland Posted by Picasa
Same path, looking back up about half way down.. Posted by Picasa
One of the steeper parts of the path. Posted by Picasa
Just a cool little cedar struggling to grow in the middle of the path. Posted by Picasa
On top of the ridge.. beautiful sunny day Posted by Picasa
Through the woods Posted by Picasa
A wash that really gets the heart beat going once you climb the other side Posted by Picasa
A bit of prairie in the midst of the cedar Posted by Picasa
The photo really does not show it, but the ridge line path runs on the very edge of the ridge, dropping off quite steeply.. this was one of the challenging spots as far as trying not to go over the edge Posted by Picasa
Just a cool tree Posted by Picasa
More of the hills.. Even in winter we have a lot of color. Posted by Picasa
Off the edge of the ridge line path.. Posted by Picasa
Looking out at the Texas Hill Country Posted by Picasa
On the Ridge Line Path looking down at Bull Creek Posted by Picasa
Ridge line path.. Posted by Picasa
Bull Creek Posted by Picasa
Pool created by dam Posted by Picasa
St Edwards park dam late February 2006 Posted by Picasa