Sunday, March 22, 2009

Soft hearted but not soft headed

While I am in charge of the ranch I have a guilty pleasure which I indulge from time to time, that being watching Planet Green (one of the discovery channels..) The problem is that I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Let me explain in some detail what I mean.. Like Thoreau, Edward Abbey and others, I am a huge fan of taking care of "the environment." I pick up litter, I reduce my impact to the bare minimum, and I try to encourage others to restrain their own wasteful activities. I appreciate even the rugged harsh areas of our planet, those hard to love areas that only a few see as beautiful. I am amazed by the world, by the beauty of all of those accidents of nature which have resulted in forms which we find attractive, or at least amazing..

I am building a house which can easily compete with virtually every other home on the planet for "earth friendliness."

At the same time, I scoff at all of this political non-sense about "climate change." How can I do so when "all of the science is behind it?" Well I can do so because science is NOT in fact behind this political movement of algore and nader. In virtually every single instance, the top most scientists have fled the IOCC (gore's personal UN promotion machine) protesting the demand of the IOCC and algore to simply alter the results to match the political rhetoric.

A fine example of this is the use of what is known as the hockey stick graph, one of the major pillars of the algore "climate change*" nonsense. The preeminent statistics researcher in the US examined the methodology of the er.. "scientist" (read "political activist) who came up with the hockey stick graph. Turns out that if you put ANY numbers into the equations used by this political activist masquerading as a scientist, you get the very same graph!!

Every other pillar upon which the algores of the world base these political claims of "climate change*" falls just as easily to critical SCIENTIFIC examination. Carbon dioxide has increased? Well turns out that this claim is based upon measuring carbon dioxide in ancient ice.. but what these political activists pretending to be scientists intentionally overlook is that it has been proved repeatedly that under the pressure of ice carbon dioxide LEAVES THE ICE!!!

I go through this admitted very short refutation of the political nonsense masquerading as science only to highlight my love hate relationship with Planet Green.. I love solar energy, wind energy, and other alternative energies.. I love advancement and true science.. I love living frugally and with as little impact on others and the world as possible.. but I loathe the dishonesty and wolf in sheep's clothing which is this whole "climate change*" political agenda..

*remeber last decade when it was global cooling? And then was "global warming" until it was proved conclusively that the temps have DROPPED almost two degrees in the last decade? So they finally settled on "Climate Change" which describes everything from wind, to rain, to daylight to nighttime to the seasons themselves... how much more dishonest can you be?

I will keep on celebraing the REAL scientists who are pursuing truth, including innovative ways to use "free" power from the sun, geothermal, wind, or whatever. I will keep on suggesting that we all save more, reuse more, and waste less.. all of this is simply good on life, primarily our own which is and must be the most important to us. After all we are each the only one living our own life..

But I will also oppose these efforts to seize ever more control over our lives, take away our liberty, and try to convince us that the emporer is wearing new clothes..

To end on an up note, I harvested five more dead trees for timbers for my home which makes Al Gore's home look like dumping toxic waste in a nature preserve.. oh wait.. dumping toxic waste in a nature preserve would do less damage than that particular politicians jet setting, wasteful living, and garbage collection..

Damn.. still need an up note.. Being off grid, I looked up to the night sky and appreciated the incredible night sky which would be denied to us all under the plans for us by our self appointed masters..

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