Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On losing weight.

Some have noticed that Fish is a lot lighter in the new pic. I mentioned this to him, to get the following diet plan:

"Lot's of sex and lots of stress. You should try it"

All I need now is a "diet buddy" :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Colorado cruising, Boulder bravado, and other Fishiness

I am back from heading out to Colorado to see the Fish show in Boulder as well as paint the home of a friend who I had not seen in at least 11 years.

I headed out on Sunday with a good friend to drive to Denver in one day, about 15 hours of driving though quite a few varying landscapes. The panhandle is as flat as a pancake griddle, but in my book less appealing..

Fortunately New Mexico brought us volcanoes and antelope to gaze out as we passed at 70mph. Once in Colorado the limit increased to 75 making short work of souther Colorado as we drove up the east side of the Rockies. We arrived just as the sun was setting on a very long day of driving. I met with Alice, a friend I had not seen in what we figured to be about 11 years. Good to see her after so long. Her husband and I hit it off and she has done well by her kids. I am quite pleased for her.

Monday brought us run arounds as I tried to find a mere 13 gallons of Manor Hall paint with which to paint her house. Apparently no one in Denver has ever used more than 10 gallons of paint at a time! Pittsburgh Paints needs to drop every single one of their dealers in the Denver area!

Tuesday came early as I was already painting as of 6:30 am. Sam and I managed to complete the house in two days, which is near a record for me for a house of that size. Alice and Rich are pleased, so all is well.

Wednesday after finishing up the house, Alice took me up into the mountains above Boulder to meet a frienf of hers and to give him an estimate on doing his house. Lovely location, with only one truly high side to the house. Thursday we were back up in the mountains for a quick trip to Estes and general tour of Rocky Mountain National Park. The wind was unbelievable, so we only managed a very short walk up to a lake, through some remaining snow, and then back to the car where a short while later we found ourselves in the middle of a snow storm.

We arrived back in Boulder at the Sink around 4:30 to grab a bite to eat before the pre-gig meet and greet with Fish.

Sam arrived after we had eaten and with minimal fuss we switched over my bags so that he and I could head over to his Aunt's place after the show with the idea that we could leave earlier in the morning that way. A rushed good bye to Alice and her kids, and back into the Sink for the pre-gig. Spent some time with other fans finding out that many drove up from various parts of Texas, with Sam and I being the far reaching Texans coming from Austin. With little warning and less fanfare, Fish arrived sitting down at our table. Apart from one obnoxious "fan" who tried to monopolize Fish, even to the point of Fish telling him to shut up and let him (Fish) ask a question, it was an almost surreal experience. Fish and I got into a great discussion about his greenhouse and various veg that we are growing. I was fortunate to have about an hour and a half of his time, interupted only by other fans getting autographs and having pics taken. Time came for him to take off to get some dinner before the show, and so I took the opportunity to pick up the tickets I had bought weeks previously on the net. Returning from getting them, coming downhill, I passed Fish coming uphill. Or I would have passed him except that he stopped me to comment on a gardening topic, and then the show. Another handshake and we went our ways.

A quick bite of dinner for Sam, one beer for me, then we took off to walk the CU campus before heading back to wait for the doors to open at the Fox theater. After many contradictory instructions from the theater folks, the doors finally opened. A quick run to the merch table I picked up a couple of shirts, a 13th Star cd for Sam, and a Return to Childhood DVD and CD for myself. I spent more than I normally would, but then it is the merch which is paying for this tour, and it will be the merch which will determine if there is a return leg in North America.

The show was beyond expectations and defied predictions as to the set list. Fish played almost all of Clutching at Straws, an album that I never expected to hear live, as well as the new CD. Friendly crowd, and inspiring performance led to a night which will always rank as one of the best I have experienced. More than a concert this was a happening. an event, a shared experience.

After the show we headed to Morrison CO to rest for the night, then slowly got on the road in the morning for a drive which seemed at least twice as long as coming up. Thankfully it was uneventful, and about 16 hours later I pulled into my drive, and quickly headed off to bed.

Now begins the last dash of packing for the initial stages of my 9 month rambling in the process of moving. It seems likely that another trip out to Denver may well happen as well, so stay tuned..