Thursday, February 26, 2009

Washing machine

In taking another look at doing a totally off the grid power system for the house, I began searching for alternatives to the conventional washer and dryer since these are energy hogs, and have a spike usage at start up which I read can dramatically shorten the life of batteries.

I had seen some non-electric washing machines before in my various reading and surfing, but I had not really taken the time to examine the neat small hand crank designs I had seen. Well today that changed. While looking for a photo of one of these to show a friend, I came across this site:

After reading a bit more about this, and doing some froogling, I opted to buy from these guys. This is what ultimately sold me on it:

"The Wonder Wash washes:
7-8 dress shirts or
10 T-shirts or
30 pairs of socks or
2-3 pairs of blue jeans

Near as I can tell without trying it yet, this ought to be just about perfect for me. I will have to use some other method for washing comforters and the like, but I might have had to do that anyway with an energy efficient washing machine connected to AC power. All in all, I expect this to be a great find.

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