Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Pt 2

The day pretty well continued on the same trend as it began: one thing after another going wrong..

I spent a few more hours trying to dig out the tractor, pull it out, lever it out, etc. Finally Rob showed up and between the two of us (read: with his expertise in handling equipment) we had the tractor out in maybe 15 minutes. Now even he will admit that the shoring I had done under the wheels just before he came played the largest role in getting the tractor out, but at the same time his knowledge and moral support went a very long way.

I did go ahead and finish the repair I had begun which lead to the tractor being stuck, and filled in one other low area with gravel as well, before switching back to the hay fork and heading down to feed the cows again. The cows were waiting at the gate, ready to push into a pasture in which they do not belong, so I went around to the other gate. This proved to be simply another disaster. Half way down the ramp into the lower pasture, the hay bale, still tied with twine, fell into a large pile and a fairly small roll. I took the roll on down to the cattle, and proceeded to take the utility vehicle back to the spill and make three trips picking up hay and taking it to the cows.

I am back in the caravan, showered, and ready for the dinner I have yet to fix. It is wonderful to be dry again, to be out of clothes which smell of stagnant water, and to have the relief of having all of the equipment out of the mire and in good working order.

Days like this push me towards wishing that I could adopt that trite belief that reality is not reality, but rather perception is reality. Imagine, I could choose to perceive that none of this happened, and that I won the lottery.. .ah but then I'd have to give up the real pleasures in life as well.. Guess I will stick with reality come what may.

I am going to end the day reading a book, and breaking my self imposed dry spell by enjoying a glass or two of wine. Here's to helpful friendly guys like Rob, to the success that comes from hard work, and to the relief which comes when all is done. Slainte!

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