Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dreary? No, peaceful.

After a full day of rain yesterday, ending in a wonderfully vibrant red sunset, we began the day with early morning showers ending to leave a foggy and very still landscape. There is full cloud cover and we are in the mid 60's F, all of which many folks would consider dreary or depressing, but I find such days to be rejuvenating and so peaceful to almost be meditative. The rain has kept animals down or inside, so there is no barking, nothing from the cows, and only some modest chirping and calling from the forest birds.

With the quiet, the featureless sky, and the still air it is almost as if time has stopped, letting us get caught up to it, leaving behind that feeling of being behind. Though the metaphor says something ill about our culture, it is apt here: a day to recharge one's batteries.

So today will be filled with catching up on some reading I have set aside for far too long, working a bit on drawing up the specifics as to what timbers are needed where in the house, and enjoying the peace and quiet which seems to get ever more rare as we "advance" as a culture.

It is for days like these, and others of course, that I have chosen this path and decided to take on this experiment of living simply by my own efforts, and why so many have chosen to go back to the land, or get out into the wilderness whenever they can. Peace and time are far too rare to be squandered working to support the things of our modern lives.

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