Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring is in the air..

oh wait that isn't spring it's....

Started the day with rain coming down steadily if not too heavy. Slid the tractor all the way down the ramp taking a large round bale of hay to the cows. Cows crowding the ramp slowed my progress and kept me from sliding off of the ramp into the trees lining the steep hillside. Managed to get the bale unrolled and spread out for the cows before retreating from the cold and wet back to the cool, but dry inside of the caravan.

fast forward past a delightful morning of reading a book on mushrooming, and another by Edward Abbey, and..


The howling wind and icy blue clouds over the mountain are raining down fairly large snowflakes. Well maybe not down so much as horizontal, but they are in the air nonetheless.

Just a few days ago I was thinking of getting photos of the emerging spring flowers, and the vivid green of the new grass.. Spring was here, so I thought at the time.

Tonight's low? They are predicting 25F.. not exactly spring like weather..

No more work today other than the near constant relighting of the pilot light on the water heater so I can get in a quick warm shower. Time to once again bundle up for a few days..

Update!: They have lowered the forecast to a mere 20, and winds are still howling!!

Slid down the ramp again to make sure that the cows were fed, they graciously slowed my momentum with their bodies.. The wind was whipping snow into my face making seeing ahead of me near impossible, in the very same pasture where two days ago I was feeding them in a Freeb!rd's t-shirt and jeans.. Must be the "global warming" that Al invented..

Keep warm where you are!

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