Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A slow day

I guess that I have been pushing myself harder than I thought because today I just could not get going at all. I fed the cows, twice (well three times if you count the supplemental protein cubes) as I have to do for my "rent," but no other work..

I did scout out an area I had more or less overlooked because I thought I could see into it well enough to know that it offered nothing I needed, but it turns out that I was mistaken. This area is in the pasture that the cows are in now, and they have revealed the wide paths through the forest area by trampling down all of the vegetation in their way. As a result on my third trip down to them, I walked through this area and discovered two good hardwood snags, and one dead fall all of which I will hopefully harvest tomorrow. While walking through this area I noticed a stump on which a squirrell has clearly been cracking hickory nuts.. Nice to see signs of the wildlife..

In between feeding cows and looking after the dogs, I found that I was so tired I fell asleep in the middle of the day, which is unlike me. Like I said, maybe I have been pushing harder than I thought trying to get this house built.

I ordered metal for the final stage of the barn repair, to be picked up Thursday or Friday, depending on the weather. I harvested a forgotten turnip from the neglected garden, as well as some rape (it is a leafy green), and checked out the bok choi but none of what is left looked worth harvesting. I did collect some more henbit to go with the turnip as well. So I prepared a nice little dinner of sauteed turnip, cabbage, and henbit with garlic and olive oil, finished off with a dab of butter, some salt and fresh ground pepper. Wonderful impromptu dinner..

Tomorrow will have me running into the "big city" to get a few things, then probably into the closer small town to pick up some groceries, though this latter may wait until I go get the metal later in the week. Harvesting wild foods, and scavenging for the left overs from the garden has really helped the gracery budget..

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