Friday, February 06, 2009

A brief aside

One of the perhaps foreseeable but yet surprising "issues"I have run into when describing the house to folks who though either related or otherwise somehow involved, though not what I would call close to me, is a near constant fascination and focus on the television. They would seemingly abandon the house in order to save the television.

The source of the issue lay in the fact that I have no plan for a television (I have never owned one) and that they see it as not merely "a"crucial element, but "the" crucial element of life, even here where they could go outside and admire the night sky, or walk some wildlife trail to see where it leads, or merely sit and watch the life around us go about its business.. Heck they could go out and gather in free wild food to eat, or enjoy the sounds of the forest. The point is that if one wants to live inside a box, why not make it a box in the city?

Do not get me wrong, I enjoy the mindlessness of some television, and I will watch some things on the computer once I get settled, but I will not allow this to rule my life. Even now, when I step outside on a night such as this when the moon is shining so very brightly, I spend some time marveling at the fact that I can see for quite some distance, my best guess is a quarter mile, in the moonlight, not because of street lights but because they are missing..

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