Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another day of logging..

I have commented before about harvesting snags, standing dead trees, and other dead trees for my home, but what I have overlooked is the transportation of those timbers. Today I spent several hours on heavy machinery, okay.. a tractor, moving timbers from many places where I dropped them to one of three places: two places where I stationed timbers which require some other action to move them to the site -either the moving of the herd of cattle (not mine) which stands between the timbers and the site, or finding a way to move timbers up a road going up the ridge which has trees closer together than the timbers are long.. , and the third place being up by the house site where I was able to drop off a few timbers in a new stack for just the snags which are already ready for being treated through charring to become posts.

Most of these were moved one at a time over rough terrain. Thus a handful of timbers might take an hour to move any real distance..

The next few days will likely be much of the same. Once I can get most of the posts on site I can start to mark them for specific placement in the design, thus allowing me to know what I need to finish the build.

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