Monday, February 09, 2009

Some Assembly Required

I have been asked for more recent photos, so here is the only relevant shot taken this very morning before the rains came on. This is my home. Or it will be in time. What you see here are 64 timbers over 5 inches in diameter with some as much as 16 inches in diameter, plus a number of smaller timbers which will be used in various supports. I am not quite done harvesting timbers, but this is certainly the bulk of those I need to build my underground log home.

The delays in work can be seen here in the form of two different ice storms:

In between these storms I was drafted into a repair project:

What you are seeing here is an entire 60 foot section of the barn roof which was picked up and flipped over onto the remainder of the barn. Needless to say this repair took some time. In fact there are still 12 pieces of tin to put on in order to be done with this repair. We added some strapping to ensure that this sort of thing will not happen again.

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