Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From peaceful to pummeling

For a day that began with such tranquility, it ended with great violence. The evening began with a enormous flash of lightening, a mad dash for the caravan to shut up windows, and rain suddenly coming down in buckets. Quite damp I got inside, shut up the windows, and quickly checked the radar online. A line of severe thunderstorms from south Texas northward well into Missouri at least was bearing down on me. With the immediate storm passing, I relaxed, enjoyed the last of my Henbit curry dish, and returned to reading, while listening to the wind rip and roar outside. Within a few hours, it was whipping the caravan enough to bring about some concern, though not enough to leave. I decided to turn in knowing that we were under a tornado watch, and that further storms were bearing down on me.

Well they hit with a vengeance. I could not have gotten more than a couple of hours sleep total in the entire night. I was first shaken awake but the winds increasing in their fury, then by rain which seemed to be boarding on being hail. From there it only got worse.. at one point I got up and got dressed fearing that I would soon have to bolt for safety, though I had little idea where would constitute safety (if only my u-house were already built.. it would be perfectly safe from such stormy shenanigans). So dressed I lay back down to drift in and out of sleep until about 6 am when I once again undressed, slid under the covers and slept for about 40 minutes in the relative calm. The rains had eased to sporadic showers, which ended about 7:30 am, when I had to get out to take care of animals..

Not the sort of night I wish to repeat any time soon, though I do love storms. The final result of that night is that I am turning in quite early this evening, while hoping that tomorrow will bring a day suitable for more progress on the house.

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