Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Insult to Injury

E-Cycle Pro did finally respond to the email much to my surprise. They even feigned regret over the problems that they have caused and to make up for it they shipped the motherboard... to the WRONG ADDRESS!

They had been given the address no less than 5 times, with the address also included in the special instructions so as to avoid any possibility of such an error. Sadly they went out of their way to ship to the wrong address. They dredged up an old out of date address from the archive and chose to ship to it instead of the address that they were given and appeared in the paypal billing.

This is the state of customer service for many businesses, and a sad state it is.

The next hurdle will be to see if E-Cycle Pro will immediately refund the entire payment, or if they will create some further problem. I have no doubt that they will fail to compensate for the lost time and opportunity costs.. and now I am left without the time to get the computer repaired here before I have to leave once again.

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