Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mystery Melon

Let me begin by saying that I know I need a pic of this melon.. I'll get to it once I make room on the camera's card..

After heaving up rocks heavier than I should be lifting, painting Rancher Bob's propane tank with a solvent based paint that I am certain no one should ever be using, and dealing with a multitude of computer issues (the newest laptop is still screwed up, but at least in a different way..), I opted for a stroll through the much neglected garden (the vegetable garden only gets attention when Rancher Bob or I are here, so with the funeral and subsequent Austin trip, and Rancher Bob's work related travels, the garden is in decline, when it ought to be thriving).

I discovered a few squash, including some winter squash which had been left for dead.. the Malabar spinach still thriving, though going to seed, and much to my delight a mystery melon growing out amongst the corn. This was not a plant that was intentionally grown, but rather some natural hybrid of melons grown in previous years.. or maybe a throw back to some older melon..

The melon is yellow and orange striped, sort of in the same manner as a watermelon is striped. I assumed because of the color that it was some watermelon which was overripe, but my curiosity got the better of me, as it often does, so I sliced one open right where I found it. Inside it was clearly not a watermelon at all, but something closer to musk melon (with a different rind obviously) or honeydew, but not exactly like either. It smelled perfectly ripe so I sliced off a bit and tried a bite.. damn that is one good melon!

The melons are slightly larger than a softball on average, so perfect for two people. I ate half of it while I walked around the rest of the garden, and saved the other half for a treat before bed.. which I am enjoying as I type this.

I may not know the variety, or if it is even a specific variety, but with a tip of the hat to Alton Brown, I do know what it is: Good Eats!

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