Tuesday, August 25, 2009


From 9 am, when I could find some of the yard where the dew had more or less dried, until 8 pm I spent nearly every moment on the lawn mower, mowing Rancher Bob's yard..

I am still not done..

An hour or two tomorrow should see the yard completed.. I hope..

Making some small progress finally on the deep freezer front.. AJ Madison the (disreputable) dealer from which I purchased this freezer sent an email five days ago telling me that the freezer shipped.. Today I was able to get the shipping company name and track the package on their site, rather than trusting AJ Madison's site... Turns out that the freezer did not ship 5 days ago, but instead was scheduled to be loaded TODAY! Here again I find AJ Madison being dishonest and unnecessarily delaying shipping the order which was placed over a month ago.

Still, looks like Yellow Freight has the freezer and hopefully will deliver it on time (by their stated time that is) so that I can get it installed before I have to leave again..

No contact with the bulldozer operator so no idea if I will be able to get the site cleared while here. Hopefully I will be able to catch him tomorrow.

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