Monday, August 24, 2009

A Brief visit.. my house site!

I am back in the rocky hills for a very brief visit (in which I hope to make some damn progress..) before I am off again, this time for paying gigs..

The time in Austin was good and modestly enlightening, in ways explained and hinted at, as well as others which may come to light in the future in this blog.. I've some thoughts on being a good house guest, showing adequate and proper appreciation to folks who host parties you attend, and other thoughts on places and interactions..

For now I am grateful to be back in my own bed, which is long enough for me!!! The importance of this cannot be overstated..

I have to hit the ground running, doing work that supposedly Rancher Bob's wife does, but in practice unbeknownst to him, others including myself make sure that these maintenance tasks get done so his time home is what it should be.

I am also going to be trying to at the very least get the homesite cleared so I can stake out where the excavation for the house should be.. With under a week to make this happen, and having been trying to get this to happen since February, I am not going to hold my breath.. Anyone need work done by a live in designer this winter?? :)

Tonight will be a night of rest and relaxation.. of reading and enjoying a fine bottle of Becker Claret, Vanerchuk be damned!!!


Professor Pope said...

Well, if your offering -- we've got a guest room, a bunch of bare walls, and wireless. We can stay up late, debate health care, and lament the state of the current university student ;)

Storm said...

If I do not have the house weather tight, then I may well spend the winter traveling for work. If we can swing enough paying gigs in your area to cover living expenses and gas, I can easily be convinced to make it out there.. I might even be able to get some work from some relatives who live out that way..

On the state of the current university student.. well I have some small familiarity with that given the guest lecturing and auditing I have done over the last year... out of all of the students, only one stands out (a philosophy major..) who shows the passion that I recall having myself in my undergrad days..

Professor Pope said...

You're always welcome!

Storm said...

Thanks.. We'll see how the build out goes..