Monday, August 10, 2009

Good to be Wrong, or at least not all right

Though I am still completely unimpressed by the efforts, or more accurately the lack of efforts of most companies including those already named, I am happily reminded that there are still a few, perhaps merely a handful, or people who recall what customer service is.

Unfortunately I had to send in my laptop for service under the suspicion that the motherboard was kaput. Systemax not only arranged for UPS to pick up the computer at no expense to me and without even a hint of argument, but called today to let me know that they replaced the memory and have shipped the computer back out after stress testing it for 36 hours. Here again Systemax has reminded me why I should and do recommend them to just about everyone I meet when the topic turns to computers.

Now if only I were going to be in the same place as that computer... but that is beyond Systemax's control..

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