Saturday, May 09, 2009

Luddite facing his addiction..

Many of you have heard me describe myself as a luddite with an internet addiction, and certainly in many ways this is apt. For the next ten days or more I am going to be exploring the luddite life even more, perhaps not without the addiction but without a means to feed the addiction.

The addiction? Computers/internet access of course..

Yesterday morning I awoke and went to begin my usual routine of checking email, weather, and miscellany on the web but the computer was less than cooperative. I could not even get an indication that there was power to the computer, and though it had a full charge on the battery, nothing would work. The signs of life were as evident as they are in the crematorium, where the computer almost went as soon as I realized it was dead. I tried all sorts of remedies, most fueled by denial and wishful thinking, and unsurprisingly all to no avail.. I broke down and talked to some computer techs and received the answer I feared and suspected: the mother(board) was simply dead..

Ah well good you say, now I can get more into the luddite lifestyle.. I might agree, but the monkey on my back takes issue with that..

To further complicate matters, all building efforts on currently on hold for a variety of reasons. The individual who is supposed to dig the house out for me is otherwise occupied. Thunderstorms and torrential rains make that a moot point anyway. I cannot gain access to the site because the grass is near ready to be cut for hay so I cannot trample it down with vehicles. And perhaps the only possibly positive complication: I may be changing sites if a land deal (with its own complications) comes through.

The new site would allow for much more privacy, better terrain, much much better views, and more flexibility in the building design though I expect to make very few changes in my existing design.

Still I could gather up some of the felled timbers, or finish harvesting others that I have marked for harvest right? Nope.. they are on the far side of the creek which is currently (pun intended) impassable.

So with the luddite activities unavailable to me, the call of the net is ever more alluring.. I have turned to books even more than I have been lately, and obviously I have managed a bare minimum of access on Rancher Bob's computer while he is once again out of town.

The upshot? I have very limited connectivity, almost no email access. However I have chosen a new computer and expect to order it when Becca the representative from Systemax calls me back on Monday with the answers to a couple of questions I have about the machine. With luck a week to ten days later I will be back in the saddle..

Not the update I had planned but it is an update..

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