Friday, May 29, 2009

After Tuesday's post on entertainment in the back woods I was reminded that I deserved a bit more of that entertainment, aside from the "work" I have been doing on Rancher Bob's place. So after getting the daily chores done, I headed up into the "National" forest to get in a bit of peace, solitude, aesthetic inspiration, and exercise via an unplanned hike.

I took off on one of the better maintained logging roads, gradually finding less maintained offshoots until I came across one which led enticingly up a hill and disappeared.. well what could I do? I had to check it out..

The "road" turned into a grassy path the width of a vehicle, and ultimately led to an area which had the undergrowth burned off (to prevent uncontrollable forest fires). This led up to the top of a small unnamed mountain that provided some scenic views of the river valley beyond.

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