Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well I am still just hovering in place.. there is nothing I can do to move forward until the land deal is settled, and I am still locked out of my timbers by the need to cut hay in the meadows. That said, the grass was cut today, with luck to be bailed in a couple of days.. Then at least I can get back out and start charring the end of the posts to help protect them from deteriorating once they are put in the ground.

I am still getting used to the new computer so bear with me if you will on the lack of photos.. I will post some soon..

A couple of more calves, one I have to admit is quite cute with a white tail, with a bit of the white extending up onto its back.

Discovered a new edible thanks to a great book: Free for the Eating by Bradford Angier. The new edible is May Apple, which grows in abundance locally.. Not sure of the taste yet since they are not yet ripe, but I am anxiously waiting..

The book is one which should be on any forager's shelf. This is easily one of the best books on foraging (and cooking the results!) I have ever read. It belongs right next to Euell's work..

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