Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Changes..and a call for ideas and opinions

Since I have left Texas behind me, except perhaps for a rare visit to dear friends still living there, I am considering changing the name of the blog..

I am leaning towards Living Intentionally, but have considered the following:

The Intentional Life
Adventures in Living
Individual Peace
Anarchy in Practice*
The Natural Life
and others..

Ideas, opinions, etc. are all welcome... Thanks in advance..

*This one may become a separate blog, if I get motivated as there seems to be a great deal which can be said about living honestly in peace with your neighbors.. And then too, peaceful rational living is so often attacked and misunderstood so a positive response is needed..


Professor Pope said...

I think you should go with "I am living this way because of McDermott's Existentialism class". :)

I know you left that comment on my blog ages ago. I am really sorry it took me this long to get back to you, but your blog is on the feed reader!

Storm said...

Great to hear from you.. Damn you did nail it.. I wonder if he is still alive so I can call him up and blame him.. Did you know that he told me about half way or a little more, through the semester to put existentialism down for 50 years? He actually told me not to turn in any more work.. I think he was afraid I was going to off myself or something..:)