Thursday, May 07, 2009

Felllini Day

I know I promised an update and I will get to that I promise.. but for now..

I made it back to Rancher Bob's on the first of May, so that I could attend a wedding on the second. Normally I do not go in for that sort of thing, but this was going to be held outdoors and across the road at the only real neighbor's house so I thought that I would be neighborly. It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon and evening of conversation, high spirits, and truly congenial people. The ceremony was short (good!) and the celebration long.. as it should be.

It seemed that despite all difficulties, such as torrential rains, the wedding came off perfectly. The food was excellent, perhaps the best smoked chicken I have ever had. The people as I said were wonderful.

I even met a very talented musician who was playing the violin for the ceremony. Turns out that we know some of the same folks from back in my grad school days. As I promised an update to come, this post is not really an update, but rather an opportunity to pass along this musician's site so that others can also enjoy his music. His name is Bill Thurman and this is his site:

Check out the samples of his music.. well worth your time.

Sometimes you get great experiences and meet just the right folks by simply trying to do the neighborly thing.. Just have to love the Fellini days..

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