Thursday, May 07, 2009

Long Overdue

I know that I am long overdue for a post, and offer up as my lone excuse that I spent the last month in the land of no science: aka Kansas.

On the subject of which, I want to caution everyone to avoid AT&T's Uverse at all costs. The house I was staying at and remodeling (well this time doing exterior work) tried this UVerse tv and internet back in October, and from the very first day of installation on it was nothing but trouble at all levels. The salesman lied, the installers damaged the home (and turns out stole the DSL modem from the previous DSL installation!!), customer service was anything but service. There is NOTHING good to be said about this company. They never did honor ANY of their promises, would not offer any compensation for the time spent trying to get it sorted out, nor even pay for the damages to the home. One of the customer service reps, who claimed to be the head of billing, said that I should feel lucky to get the empty promise of a $15 dollar credit for spending over 19 hours on the phone trying to resolve the issues. She went further in saying that was pretty good pay for my time, though she tried to deny it when I called her on it and made it clear I was writing down everything she was saying.

I dislike being negative, especially when resuming the blog, but please everyone save yourself the hassle and avoid Uverse! Even the guy at the UPS Store where you have to go to send Uverse the equipment (yeah they threaten to charge you if you do not ship them back the equipment!!) said that he was getting dozens of the Uverse returns every day. Obviously no one is happy with this program.

I will do a further update as to the goings on soon..

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