Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back in the USSR...

Well I made it back to the US, though the above title seems far more appropriate for a near infinite number of reasons, but perhaps the most poetic is that when I get to the US border official, he asks me "Vere iz your citizenship" in what was almost a perfect match to any 80's or earlier cold war movie. It seems that with all of the concerns over outsourcing, the US government is actually importing border guards from the former soviet republics... I can only assume that this is because they are the most experienced with the current set of policies under which the use border patrol operates.

Still I was finally allowed through (I of course had to give over my travel papers...) and I managed to get ot Indy without further event, as long as you overlook nearly forgetting to watch the gas guage. :) Speaking of which, I cannot complain too much as it appears that I am getting around 18 miles a gallon for most of the trip. Sure I would like better, but given that I drive a truck, this is not too bad.

Ran into some ice pellets about 50 miles out of Indy, but they almost instantly melted after they hit the windshield so driving was not slowed.

Tomorrow looks like rain, but not freezing rain so I plan on heading south again tomorrow. It seems somewhat likely that I will be at the farm for a day before heading on back home to pursue the new business venture.

For now I am going to sit back and catch up with Todd and Tiff here in Indy and enjoy the fact that I have chosen to lead a life that allows me to see old friends and family.

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