Monday, February 26, 2007

Ch ch ch changes..

Since I did not manage to get the last entry posted yesterday, it appears at the bottom of this post.

I head out in a few hours for Toronto to see family there. There is no snow falling and it looks like the next two days should be good for traveling. This is doubly good as my wonderful hosts gave me a bit of a send off last night, so I am moving a bit slowly this morning. Still it is a beautiful morning and I can honestly say that I am very reluctant to leave. This is indeed a remarkable and enchanting place in winter as well as spring and summer (and I assume autumn as well, but I've not been here in autumn as of yet).

Now that I am beginning my southward journey I will have much reduced internet availability, but still I will try to get a post in where I can.


As you can tell, I have made a few changes to the blog. My intention is to have the aesthethic feel of the blog match the nature (pun intended) of the content of the posts. Feel free to let me know what you think about it.

The news this morning is that the snow has stopped, from the looks of it we received a couple of inches (though of course this is metric snow :) ) and the route to Toronto ought to be clear for my trip tomorrow. So barring unforeseen adventures (such as difficulty in crossing back into the gulag, I mean the US) I should be on schedule for the trip southward.

One of the activities here which I have not commented upon much, but which as taken a bit of my time is catching up on the stack of reading which has been getting ever larger. (to be continued at a later date..)

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