Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Well the aforementioned artic front has come in, with the temps hanging about -17C (around 0F) according to the themometer right outside the window. I must admit that I am not terribly inclined to venture outside, but that said I do need to move the truck forward to get it out of the way of the snowplow. The principle game plan is to spend the day inside enjoying the warmth of the wood stove. I talked to some friends about this method of heating for a reasonably large home (couple of thousand square feet at least) and there was a great deal of skepticism as to whether a small air tight wood stove could actually keep such a house warm. Even I was a bit doubtful, but rest assured this house is not merely not cold, it is actually warmer than most if not all homes I have experienced in Texas or Kansas during the winter. There is a real coziness or comfortableness to the warmth that this stove puts out, quite different from forced air systems or other methods of heat.

So the day will be spent reading, perhaps doing a bit of writing, surfing the net (thank goodness and Brad for wireless!) and generally relaxing. I am reminded of how things (used to) slow down in the south when the temps rise. The same thing happens here when the temps plummet or snow closes the roads (which I take does not happen to often). Everyone just kicks back with a warm beverage, hopefully good friends, a good book and appreciates the time not spent running around in the rat race maze.

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