Friday, February 16, 2007

I've been asked already if I have gone back out on the snowshoes.. the answwer is yes I have. In fact I discovered that I was able to stay higher in the snow the second time, despite the shoes being too small for someone of my size. Again my walk was cut short over concern about animals, but come tomorrow, or the next day I intend to make it out to the woods where I usually walk in the summer and spring when I visit.

I've gained some appreciation for the task of shoveling snow, which is a frequent task here, and since thus far the snow has been quite light and fluffy, it has not been overly trying. Still, one can work up quite a sweat moving significant amounts of snow from the drive, or a veranda, or some other place where it is unwanted. In fact I even used the snow shovel to remove about a foot of snow off of the truck before I started it today to see if it would run.. (yes it did without a problem)

Today was mostly a relaxing day, with little other than some snow removal and bringing in a rick of wood to occupy my time.

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