Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Since I am traveling abroad currently this story seems exceptionally apropos.

An Iron Curtain is Descending: And Most Americans Don't Know 

While the iron curtain has collasped and Europe is enjoying the economic, security, and of course LIBERTY benefits of opening borders, the US is doing everything it can to make the USSR look like a bunch of pikers..

Just a few years back we did not have to have travel papers, now we must. We must be able to show our government assigned numbers, and prove that those numbers belong to us. We must be willing to kow tow to any thug with a badge, or at least three initials at the end of his job title. Leaving the US now more resembles the early stages of trying to get across the Berlin wall than it does anything ever imagined by those men 200 years ago who believed that an experiement in freedom, in personal responsibility and a government which was rigidly controlled and restrained, was worth pursuing.

Enjoy any travel you can do now, as it WILL NOT last. The feds cannot stand liberty in any form and will continue to tighten their choke holds on our lives and liberty.

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