Sunday, February 25, 2007

A storm's a'comin'

I have been sadly lax in posting the last few days, which I attribute to some practical hinderances, as well as simply the good times that I have been enjoying with my friends here. The former consist of the redesigning and remodeling of a stair hall and bathroom, as well as the installation of a ceiling fan and some other similar projects. As most folks I stay with on my travels know, I have a difficult time just sitting still doing nothing for more than a day. I get quickly restless and tend to find or request projects to both keep me occupied, but also to provide to me the opportunity to show my appreciation to those who have opened their homes to me.

The good times have been many, and of the sort found only amongst close friends. They have been mostly good evenings in which we share ideas, explore various topics, examine possible designs, and basically enjoy one another's company. Still there have been a few movies involved, including the first and second Shrek movies (yeah I know I am late in seeing them.. so sue me.. as most of you know, I just don't usually make the time for movies), one on the Avro Arrow, and Good Night and Good Luck. It is good to have friends such as these who serve as wonderful filters for movies so that I can be almost certain to enjoy whatever we happen to watch.

I've been using the snowshoes a good deal for not only the sheer enjoyment of walks into the fields and woods, but also for very practical matters such as raking snow from the roof, or getting across to the barn. I have definitely discovered a distinct fondness for showshoeing of the same sort as my love of hiking. Sadly I have not had the opportunity to do any cross country skiing, but now that I know that the winters here are far more pleasant than those in Kansas or other such areas in which I have been, I am planning on return trips during which I will make the opportunity to try out cross country skiing come to pass. I will also be surprised if I do not own my own pair of snowshoes by the time I return.

I should note that we have gotten more than a foot of snow since I arrived, possibly as much as two feet. I have had to dig out the truck a couple of times, in part because I dumped a load of snow off of the roof onto the front corner of the truck, essentially burying the front wheel on up to the top of the hood. Still once out on the roads I have had no problems at all, even without ever getting around to adding weights such as sand bags to the bed of the truck. The roads are kept remarkably clear, except for side roads but even those get plowed so that they are still quite passible.

I have had to think about leaving as I do have the new business waiting for me back home, but the original plan of leaving today had to be canceled due to a winter storm which could include some freezing rain. So the current plan gives me two more days here, then a jaunt down to Toronto to see family before heading south again. That said the trip is not yet over as I get to see my friends in Indy once again, then head to Arkansas to work on my father's farm for a day or so. There is no rest for the wicked or available.. :)

So ends another entry and evening, so I believe I will seek out any remaining 10W-30 (local brew) and return to reading.

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