Sunday, June 06, 2010

Lights and tunnels...

The first light of significance is that of the sun.. I would love to tell a tale of how I received my solar panels and they are pumping out power for me to use, but sadly this is not such a happy tale. Instead I am experiencing that sensation unique to the flu and sunburns, that of being both hot and cold at the same time. Foolishly I spent part of the day, the first real day I have tried to take off, cavorting with younger women in a pool. Several decades younger in fact.. 4 and 5 years old to be specific.. :)

As a result I am beet red and in a fair amount of pain, left wondering if this will speed up the appearance of the inevitable skin cancer I will one day have, assuming that the room does not get too smokey before that day..

The other light of significance is that at the end of the tunnel of this trip away from the homestead. I am tentatively planning on heading back to the site in a week now, with a tiny bit more cash in my pocket, another (great) design under my belt, and some good feeling for the work I have done on the primary and secondary jobs here.

Tomorrow I begin some siding repair for my grandparents, and with luck the next day I will also begin a job for a friend here in town. When those are done, I can head back with a clear mind, and optimistically hope to get the excavation completed before the next trip away from the homestead, this time down south but for the same reason: to build up a little bit of cash to pay for the build and utilities.

I have been lax in keeping up with the reading list, but I hope once settled again, albeit briefly, back on the site, I will update the books read. Or maybe I will find time before I leave here..

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