Saturday, June 26, 2010

Site Visit

A quick visit to the site yesterday in preparation for the final bits of excavation, which I hope to have done next week. Though there are many reasons for the delays in the excavation, the primary being getting the equipment and operator out to the site, you can see from this picture the difficulty in digging on this site. This is the back wall of the house, the up hill wall, which as you can see is solid rock. Terrible for digging, but great for the cellar which will but up to it!

It has changed a great deal in the two months I spent in the flat lands. The rye grew tall and lush, and then as you can tell, died off from the heat. The weeds have now taken a hold, but since they too will stop the erosion they are for now welcomed.

On the upside I may have stumbled into a care taking/property management position here which won't pay much but might just allow me to spend more time working on the homestead and supporting my few remaining vices, such as the internet.. We will see what comes of it in the future.

Until then I am debating on putting up a post about a successful aspect of the composting toilet system. I cannot decide if it will disturb some who read this, or if it will be met with the enthusiasm I had upon this happy discovery..

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