Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Busy Day

The day began early and started slow, but like that annoying bunny, kept going and going..

Started out weeding the garden, making some progress.. nibbled on some spinach as I went. Organized some of my materials I am storing at Rancher Bob's so that I could unload the truck of the additional materials I brought back from the flatlands. That done, I contemplated the next project for Rancher Bob, scraping, sanding, and cleaning his enormous porch in preparation for repainting it, another job for me.

Deciding that was not the job to tackle today, I sprayed some weeds (something I would not do on my own property) and cleaned some flower garden paths for RB's wife.

Then attacking the squash bugs to try to salvage some crop of squash.. during which Rancher Bob's wife got a call from Captain Rob, who needed my help. I rush off to go help Rob who is stuck about 50 miles away, which lead to towing his one ton dualie which was towing a cattle trailer, all the way back at about 15 miles an hour, up and own hills.. a bit stressful, but we made it despite the unenlightened folks who waited until there was no more hint of any possibility that they could see what was coming over the hill to pass us..

I get back in time to set up a sprinkler deterrent (we hope) to stop the raccoon from eating all of the corn. By now it is getting dark so I begin the trek back to my place when I recall that I still have to feed the piranha masquerading as catfish.. I quickly feed them, then get back only to recall that I have reading to do..

... for the classes I signed up for online! During a brief break in activities I decided to once again take some classes after 11 years away from school. So I am taking two classes this term, one of which requires a good deal of reading. Still I hope that this will be good for me, helping to focus my writing further to the end of once again getting published, this time in my chosen field (other publishing has been in gardening magazines).

Yes a busy day, but a good one.. and I confirmed with Rob that as soon as the next two hay jobs are done, he will get out with the backhoe to complete the excavation! That means that this fall the build begins in earnest!

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