Monday, July 05, 2010

Back to school

So much of this blog has been keeping up with the basics of homesteading, my building projects, determining what power sources to use, etc. that I feel I am overlooking some important aspects of intentional living.

So here is a bit about my life which is not directly linked to the build project, nor is about growing veg, or composting toilets.. I have opted to go back to school.

Now for those who may not know me as well as others, I have many years of school under by belt, and I have been both an instructor and a guest lecturer, so school is nothing new to me. Still, I've not been a formal student for 11 years now, and so this choice to focus again on formal studies is an important choice.

So why return to the classroom, and moreover why as a student instead of a lecturer? Well, there are a few reasons, but most important to me is the motivation to explore something I have been exploring but have lacked any feedback on. I am taking two courses, one on the basics of liberty, and the other on alternatives to government coercion to law and order.

I have more than a decade, perhaps two, under my belt of defending liberty against those who would impose their ideal (various forms of tyranny) upon the rest of us, but still I would like to have more concrete examples of non-coercive measures which serve as alternatives to the current coercion which we endure from government. Basically voluntary is always the better option.

The classes last through the 15th of September, so amidst travelling, building, ranching, remodelling, etc. I will be making time for video lectures, pretty intensive readings, and online "chat" class times..

More on this as it progresses..

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