Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year, a tally

Okay so the first day of the official western new year is just about over, so how did it tally up assuming it is an indicator for the whole year?

Day began earlier than I liked with me feeling worse than I liked though through my own doing. Call that a wash..

The day quickly warmed up from well below freezing, ultimately to near 60 degrees F. Definitely a plus. 

It did not warm enough to melt and drain my excavation. Negative

I enjoyed a good long walk/hike about Rancher Bob's property. Plus

While watching the "news" got into a political argument with Rancher Bob and his wife, based on the fact that I do not respect or worship government and government officials (or anyone else who claims the right to own another person for that matter) Definitely a negative, especially since there was little understanding or consideration from Rancher Bob, and less from his wife. 

Went online.. mixed bag.. a wash.. 

Now I will end the day comfortably warm in my own bed, reading Emerson, and Niven.. Plus.. 

Guess it is going to be a decent year.. :)

All the best to those who read the blog, and anyone striving to make their lives better peacefully, honestly, authentically, and voluntarily. 

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