Thursday, January 21, 2010

Books and a friend

A friend posted a blog on the goal of reading at least 50 books this year, which admitted struck me as ambitious. Still I respected the goal, and quietly in the back of my mind wondered if I am up to that same task..

Well as we close in on the third week of the year, I am embracing that goal for myself with full credit to my friend. Why you may wonder? Well because I am now on my sixth book of the year which if I kept this pace (unlikely) would put me on pace for closer to 100 books this year.

I have never kept track of how much or little I read, and I will still be excluding from the count the magazines like The Economist, which can take some time to read, or the websites like which is chock full of material to read..

Still this may be a good experiment for me and I welcome it. It is not a competition with my friend or anyone else, but rather an excuse to keep track of what and how I read for a year.. What comes of it is what comes of it..

In the following days I'll list the books so far..

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Professor Pope said...

It's like a spreading virus of literariness!