Friday, January 01, 2010

Looking ahead

While I don't make new year's resolutions, I am looking ahead always so I decided to record some of the objectives for this year that I have in mind.

1. Get the house built. Obvious..  However the plan is of now to get the timber frame built by April. This should allow enough time for the weather to cooperate so that I can get the posts set, and the rest of the frame and roof built by then. All assuming I do not have to leave during build time for work. 

2. Lose 50 pounds. Yeah I am carrying too much weight, like most folks in the US. If that sounds like a lot of weight, it is, but I am a tall person as well, so this is more like 20 on the average person. The plan is to lose the weight through a combination of diet (eating from the garden) and exercise in the form of building, and hiking. 

3. Try beaver meat. Still have not had any luck with the beavers next door, but I am hopeful that Captain Rob will come through with some meat. 

4. Get another article published. This could be anything, such as the gardening article I had published in The American Gardener, but I suspect that it will be something political/moral in nature. 

5. Build a rocket stove. 

6. Become reasonably fluent in Portuguese. I am still working on this, but slowly.. 

7. Determine the exact day that I can re-enter Canada (Thanks Bush.. not..)

8. Grow at least 50% of my own food. Forage for as much as is possible. 

9. Eat at least one wild mushroom I have identified myself. 

Bet you are expecting a number 10.. but I am not Bernard Gert.. I don't need there to be 10.. :)

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