Friday, January 15, 2010

A material score

Talking to a neighbor a few days ago in the frigid cold paid an unexpected dividend: free doors!

They had replaced most of the interior doors in their home, and one external door. They had intended to take the old doors to Habitat for Humanity but they offered the doors to me first, so I jumped at the opportunity.

All of these doors are already salvaged doors, coming from houses in New York that the original owner of this house had collected over the years. now I am giving them at least their third lease on life in my own humble home. While loading them up I noted that one is the old six panel door style that I have loved for years, despite its being very dated. Another of the doors has a black porcelain handle which still gleams as if new. All of the doors have the original old style key-holes intended for skeleton keys, adding even more charm.

There is one with a nine pane (three over three) window in it, which will be cut down to be a stationary window since the door itself is warped near the bottom, making it unusable for a door.

All in all, a great score: 5-6 doors to choose from, and one window! Total cost: pennies in gas to drive across the road to pick them up!

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