Sunday, July 11, 2010


Its been a good week for foraging.. I've positively identified some staghorn sumac, great for lemonade, some sasafrass, great for root beer and gumbo, wild blackberries (not a tough one there), and another edible and delicious mushroom, provided you only want to live a day or two: death angel..

I also identified a possible fruit for the future.. it may be a plum of some sort, though it is late and hard for that, but it may be a wild apple... I will watch it and see..

In the mean time I am enjoying a bumper crop of pin cherries, and cannot help but notice that the orange pears are abundant.. I just have to get that fruit press built this year so I can have delicious cider.. maybe some hard cider as well, since like the frontiersmen I want to preserve the harvest....

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